About Us

Ark Learning Center


    The ARK Learning Center’s mission is to provide quality early childhood and youth development services as well as be an important resource for families. ARK provides an exceptional educational experience to every child in order to prepare them for school. With a focus on strong social skills and global awareness through age appropriate activities, ARK offers a wide variety of programs giving our children an opportunity to grow in the areas of education, arts, and the community around them.


Our philosophy includes providing a nurturing environment that fosters each child’s self-identity as well as supporting families and their needs with exposure to cultural and enrichment programming to enhance each child’s learning opportunities.

Family and community are important partners of ARK. As a small school, families are an integral part of the program. Parents will have opportunities to participate in activities and programs as we encourage parental/volunteer involvement. This close relationship enhances each child’s personal growth and achievement and promotes a secure and safe environment. Communication between teacher and families adds to each child’s learning environment and offers support for continued success.


  • To create a service based operation whose primary goal is to provide an exceptional learning environment for families
  • To develop a sustainable, profitable, eco-friendly business